Size information for your collar …

We have developed our size range to enableĀ one of our collarsĀ to fit your dog perfectly. We make 7 different sizes aiming for you to only use 3 of the 7 available holes, thus allowing you to have the perfect buckle placement and over hang giving you optimum aesthetics.

Neck and collar sizes will vary from dog to dog. Our collars are fully adjustable but to ensure the best fit be sure to measure the your dogs’ neck using a cord tape measure. If you do not have a cord tape measure, simply use a piece of string and take a measurement using a ruler.

Dog Collar Sizing Chart

Our Range of Sizes

  • Size 1 | 250mm – 270mm Neck
  • Size 2 | 270mm – 300mm Neck
  • Size 3 | 300mm – 330mm Neck
  • Size 4 | 325mm – 360mm Neck
  • Size 5 | 350mm – 390mm Neck
  • Size 6 | 385mm – 420mm Neck
  • Size 7 | 410mm – 450mm Neck